Visiting the Norfolk Broads
Waterside Holiday Cottage Horning Norfolk Broads

When to visit


As one of the newest members of the National Parks, there is no "best time" to visit the Norfolk Broads. After 30 years of spending time in this beautiful part of the country, I can say each season brings its own landscape and sites to see.





Springtime on the Norfolk Broads is a time when much of the wonderful wildlife is just waking up from the winter


Many birds are beginning to return to the waters and skies from their annual migration. Warmer weather means an array of plants and flowers start to poke out of the ground for the first time. The landscape starts to see new buds on the trees and grasses start to grow.


For the sailors, the rivers are usually quieter at this time of year with good winds and not so much foliage on the trees allowing pleasant sailing on the rivers.




The Summer Months


During the summer months, the Norfolk Broads are popular with walkers, boating enthusiasts, wildlife watchers and those just seeking some downtime.


Aside from the Broads, Norfolk is blessed with some spectacular coastline, much of which is easily accessible from our cottages in Horning.


Winterton-On-Sea is one of our favorite spots with a wide beach and plenty of space to spread out and enjoy the sunshine.


While exploring Norfolk by boat is by far one of the best ways to see the Broads, there are of course plenty of cycleways and paths which can be explored by bicycle.


There are many cycle paths in Norfolk and accessible from our cottages. These can provide another unique adventure in terms of seeing things not accessible by car or by boat.


Autumn and Winter

Autumn and winter are periods of quiet contemplation and an ever changing landscape.

The begin to fall, the boatyards are quieter and the landscape starts a dramatic change.

At this time of year the countryside is constantly changing colour. Flocks of birds organise themselves and start the long (for some) migration away to foreign shores before the winter arrives

The weather is colder but there is still plenty of activity on the river.


All our properties are available all year around. As we approach winter, the boatyards are busy building new boats and maintaining their existing fleets.

The river in winter is a fantastic place to be - and is a complete contrast to the river. Frosts make the landscape sparkle. Ice hangs from the decks of boats and from the reeds. Fog and mists can hang over the broads bringing an ery feel to the landscape.

Christmas and new year is of course a time for holidays and where better to spend them than on the Broads in one of our properties.

Horning has no less than 3 welcoming riverside pubs with roaring log fires waiting to be sat next to.

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